Reading your door knob drama my immediate thought was we are soul mates! (red wine and a shared door handle hatred) I must go to Aberdeen and win her away from the large beaded social worker she lives with...then I had a doze and settled for going out for supper and sending this from a 253 bus...I hope it doesn’t get me thrown off substack

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Door handles?! Don't talk to me about door handles. My arms are covered in bruises from our daily battles ...

I got a grant for my bathroom-to-wet-room conversion, but our flat is a housing association one. Could you not sell the grab rail to the landlord as an added value thing?

I can't get over "Lily" applying to the army!!! xxxxx

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Absolutely brilliant 🀩 Thank you for cheering Sunday afternoon up with your signature blend of awareness, hilarity, hope and of course cocktails 🍸

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