Nov 17, 2022Liked by Emma Stubbs

Hi Emma, what can l say except:

- football in Qatar is criminal and that Fifa guy Sepp Blatter is a sleazy scumbag

- weather- wise l'm a not too hot and not too cold type of gal....l think low pressure might be bad for my migraines though

- mulled wine. Not for me.. Malbec?? Definitely.

- twitter?...well, tbh, not noticed anything different yet except some nice people have left which l think is a great pity. Let the nasty troll types leave instead. Hope most of us stick around and hope Elon keeps his sticky fingers offa us

- so l ended up saying loads! 😂

Emma, look after yourself! Hope you're feeling better again. Thanks for your wonderful work we all appreciate and love you (and Lily). Daughters are wonderful ❤️

Sending big digital hug to wet&windy Aberdeen. Same here today. Love, Sarah

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Nov 18, 2022Liked by Emma Stubbs

Absolutely with you on everything here! (Weather and air pressure have a horrible effect on all my conditions, too) xx

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