Jul 26, 2022Liked by Emma Stubbs

Ah that sounds a lot more fun than popping over to pop your clogs 😃

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Jul 22, 2022Liked by Emma Stubbs

Dear Emma, OMG ....you are having a lot of 💩💩 to deal with just lately. If there is any fairness in the wide and infinite universe, you will now be entering a jolly phase of fun and joy! But....

So sending you warm wishes for a good recovery from covid and hand injury. Hope you can find some enjoyable entertainment to keep your mind offa things.

And euthanasia??? NO, no no....they'll have a cure or better treatment for us soon! (Universe, are you bloomin' listening??). And otherwise come and stay with me; euthanasia is legal over here.

Look after yourself dear! Love, Sarah xx

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Jul 21, 2022Liked by Emma Stubbs

Ouch!!! Hope it heals soon ...

I think I'm too damn stubborn to consider euthanasia, but as you say - humans are inconsistent xxxxx

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