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Hi Emma

I understand exactly how you feel. I’m 47 so a similar age. I’ve recently completed counselling to help me come to terms with exactly those thoughts - THE future. I am trying very hard to look positively at the future and like Michael J Fox see the disease as a a blessing that keeps on giving. LOL. I still love to go to work (4 days a week), seeing my family and friends and I proactively plan as much as I can socially to make the best of things. I try hard to manage my fatigue ( my main symptom) and if I eat well I feel better. Yesterday I stuffed myself with peanuts and crisps and felt ghastly. But I figure you can’t be a saint all the time! I look at the disease as a blessing - do things now. Live in the present. But it does suck.

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Absolutely! I hope the counselling is effective, I think it's so powerful to be able to talk about these things. Fatigue is one of my main symptoms as well and it is awful. xx

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