Hahaha - such a tonic read after dropping my leaden piece into the stackpond.

Wet suit - ha! They were hell 10 years ago when I was fit..

I famously put mine on the wrong way round the first time - made sense as the kids' had zips at the front...

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Apr 20Liked by Emma Stubbs

Hi Emma,

An oldie, but goldie! Thanks for your super post! You are 💯 right! Laughter really IS the only way to get through this. Long may we be able to laugh at PD and tell it to F@CK OFF! This is my standard response when 'ole parky' pops up! It actually helps me laugh at it when l repeat the mantra. Preferably out LOUD but in a whispery snarl when in public. Sending love to you ❤️

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