You quoted me and linked my new blog and I’m tickled pink. With ADHD, also caused by lack of dopamine, there are definite issues with time management and understanding how time works. With Parkinson’s some of the same executive functioning issues might apply. Lack of sleep certainly doesn’t help nor does being in constant pain. I’d say so much more but I’m saving that for another blog post lol. Big hugs to you Emma!!

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Hi dear Emma, good to hear from you 😃

Time waits for no man...or woman! That's what they say.

I tell myself, "you're only as good as in this present moment". So l'm trying hard to live in the here and now, and all that. So time has sort of stopped for me. I don't think too much about the future because it scares the pants offa me. Thinking about the past makes me sad, so l put that on hold.

Is this escapism and not wanting to face reality? Probably. Things have changed though. And I'm floating aimlessly in time.....

Sending love ❤️

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Here is a brilliant post by ParkyBoy on the same topic: https://parkyboy.wordpress.com/2021/05/16/its-about-time/

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I'm in procrastination mode, and also I'm too busy doing a million other things called the school holidays and I have a 6 year old but still feels like excuses to do anything but write. So familiar with the where did the time go thing and how do I get anything done feelings. Apparently dopamine and blinking are our time moderators but I don't know how/ the specifics. Why does everything seem to need dopamine goddamit?!

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