Don’t get me started on “elderly”! I told my neurologist “you can take the word geriatric and stick it...” We’re not all old and we’re not all men!

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Take care, Emma! I hope that Covid leaves your household ASAP.

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Jun 22, 2022Liked by Emma Stubbs

Hi dear Emma, I'm supposed to be working, but your news letter has given some handy distraction! Thank you for your E's! Here's my pitch: E for ENJOYMENT

With PD it's even more important to enjoy things while we can! Try to have a laugh - or at least a smile - every day! There's so much to enjoy: the great outdoors; loving family and friends (and pets); sex (if you're lucky LOL); books, films, hobbies, meditation, food.... and wine, of course! So hope you can enjoy something today - and every day! Take care - get well soon!

Sending love xx

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