Thursday Letter - Who Stole My Dopamine? The main event.
Every week, I ponder something to do with living with Parkinson’s and the impact of chronic illness. Be prepared for the frequent sweary bits.

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Current Series Letter - Who Stole OUR Dopamine?

Every Wednesday for the next few months I shall share some of your stories about living with Parkinson’s. Read about it here.

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Who is Emma?

Writer, artist, idler, wine drinker and owner of a disease called Parkinson’s.

You can read more about my Parkinson’s origin story at Tumbled: the internet’s only Parkinson’s rom-com!

Here are some of my published articles about Parkinson’s:

What people are saying about Who Stole My Dopamine?

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Parky Boy @ParkyBoy4
Really good blog about ‘coming out’ at work about PD. It’s possible that I could have hidden it physically, but not emotionally.… I’d hate to work somewhere where I couldn’t be ‘out’, but I know this may feel like an impossible luxury for many.
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WhoStoleMyDopamine @dopaminetheft
Something I need to tell you... In case you missed yesterday's ramble :)

"I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m straining my wife’s patience by reading numerous paragraphs to her.
Please keep up the great work!"

"Thank you so much, and I genuinely love your work! There are very few people who can write with humour and authenticity with your dexterity. A joy!"

"Beautifully and honestly written...thank you for being brave enough to share 💕"

"Such wonderful and honest writing, I love it!! ❤️ What a rollercoaster you are on and have dealt with so gracefully. I will share it with others to spread your story and inspire many. "

"What a powerful message. I'm eager to see you continue to positively impact other people's lives who are living with Parkinson's -- especially women -- through your story. Thank you for sharing."

"Great read about your journey with PD. Thank you for your humour and honesty."

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Emma Stubbs
Writer, artist, idler, wine drinker and owner of a disease called Parkinson’s.